Another death.

Today my younger sister got the news that one of her friends sadly passed away yesterday. She had relapsed some months back and had been told she had two years left to live. Well, now she’s gone. Her last status on Facebook said that she was feeling very tired.

It is – in one word – sad. I feel for the family. It must be such a terrible thing. And the mother, who gave so much. What pain it must be to lose a child.

It’s at times like these I realise how hard it can be for my sister, a cancer patient. Seeing most of your cancer friends die (there has been quite a few deaths since she has begun treatment; at least five). Trying to stay positive when it seems only so few make it. And just having your friends leave eternally, that’s a big thing. Whether or not they have/had or don’t have cancer doesn’t mean anything. Friendship is important and when it goes, it’s irreplaceable.

Oh well. I should head off to bed anyway, as I have an early start tomorrow. Busy week ahead.


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