Chocolates & Faith.

My friend has finally thanked me for the chocolates I secretly dropped off at his place last Saturday night. Apparently he had dumped a lot of his stuff over the chocolates without realising they were there in the first place. And just today he told me that he’d been really confused as he was sure he’d eaten all the chocolate in his house, and he couldn’t understand where this extra chocolate had come from!

How funny! I was actually starting to become disappointed in him for not thanking me for what I did. On the other hand, I felt it odd that he hadn’t yet mentioned the chocolates, making me wonder if he’d even seen them.

All in all, things are well and good between us again. I will even go to his place tomorrow afternoon to watch a movie and read a letter he has written me last week. I look forward to it although he has caught a bad flu so I will have to avoid being too close to him.

Moral of the story: always have faith in your friends. 🙂

I have just watched this documentary, which talks about the mysteries of our solar system and possible explanations for them, which involve radical changes to the beliefs we’ve held about our solar system over the years. It is very interesting and actually a little scary, too. I strongly recommend you Watch it, it goes for 50minutes.

show me your good side.

do you actually like me, as a friend?

or are you simply using me?

i feel i am not Worth very much

the way you’ve been treating me recently

how am i to believe in you

how do you expect me

to keep investing in this Relationship

when i feel i get nothing in return?

tell me i’m something more than just

a doll you can pleasure yourself with

when desire strikes you.

i believe in the goodness of people

i believe you are good, and kind.

show me that you are.

i don’t ask for much.

just honesty and respect,

and yes, perhaps some attention

and appreciation of

what i give you.

(Hopefully) cheering up a friend.

Following on from my last post … I took the train at 6pm and headed to my friend’s place. I had two blocks of chocolate in my bag, as well as my notebook. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a pen (I had left in such a rush).
It took me an hour and twenty minutes to reach his house. As I walked up the street, I realised his car was not parked there, and I instantly took it as a bad sign. By then my motivation and inspiration to be the good friend I wanted to be had almost vanished, replaced by fear of rejection or of things simply turning awry. Yet as I kept approaching the house, I repeated to myself, “things will be fine. Things will be okay. You just have to do this.”
Finally I got to the gate, which I had a little trouble opening. The porch was completely dark, I feared there was no one home. But I knocked. Luckily, his housemate was home (how Lucky!!). He opened the door and I simply said I had a couple of things to drop off.
So my friend wasn’t home, and I had no idea where he was or if/when he’d get back. I had travelled all this way – what for? I didn’t know. I wasn’t so sure I knew anymore. But I reminded myself I was here on a mission: to lift his spirits up. So I got out the two blocks of chocolate from my bag, and wrote a little message on a card. I left this little package upstairs on his desk. Mission achieved.
I didn’t know if I should leave or stay. I had brought everything with me, including pyjamas and toothbrush, but what if he had left to his parents’ place for the night? I had no clue and the only way I could find out was to message him. So I did. And it turns out he had gone to his friend’s place! Upon Learning this I decided to go back home. That took me another hour and a half.
Phew! So it’s all over now. After 3hours of public transport, I achieved what I set out to do: to be a good friend, to bring goodness to one’s life. Well, I hope I have achieved that anyway. I have not heard from him yet. He is probably still at his friend’s house. I only hope that my friend will not get mad at me for coming over and that he will appreciate what I have done for him.

inviting yourself over to your friend’s place.

if your friend is feeling depressed, is it ok to invite yourself over to their place? i mean, i respect that he may want privacy. or that he may turn out busy. or that he may prefer to talk to someone else. oh how tempted i am to just go to his place, bring him some chocolate and a movie … and i think i would do it but he lives an hour away. what if i turn up and he’s not there or something? and have to travel all the way back? i don’t know what to do but i miss him, and i want to see him, and i am a little worried about him. and it’s not just that. we might end up kissing and things, which might make him more confused and guilty in the long run … so i don’t know what to do.