A unique something.

Sometimes, things just seem to click in place with people. It may only be subtle, and it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about them that makes them so different to the rest. But you feel something which makes you act nobly, which makes you want to get everything right with them, that you’re ready to walk the extra mile that you wouldn’t have thought of walking for anybody else. Something about this one person makes you want to hold on tightly and go along for the ride. It is not even a conscious decision; it feels like the most natural thing to do. There may be fear but the trust you place in them, yourself, and the energy between you and that person, is stronger. There is something – and you do not know what exactly – you know the person can give you. There is something unique about them which works uniquely for you. And it’s funny because sometimes, it is in the very first few seconds upon meeting them that you realise your life will somehow be changed by their presence in it. It can be as simple as looking into their eyes, and something in them grabs your attention, something that isn’t there with anybody else. You don’t know, it’s really just a mystery. But perhaps your soul recognised theirs, and perhaps in that short moment of eye contact, already the soul knew …


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