Ah, what a day this has been. :’)

So he arrived a litte late … (typical). As soon as he had parked his car in our driveway and gotten the posters out of the boot, we (as in my mother, him and I) all set off to the city. I was the one driving, and my Mum and him did most of the talking during the ride.

We dropped Mum off at the gym where was she was to have an assessment done. She said it should only take half an hour or so. Him and I set off to uni, which is a ten-minute drive. We first of all went to the Library to print out some stuff. Basically on our concert poster he forgot to write where to purchase the tickets from, so we had to type up this information, copy it 50 times (as we have 50 posters), cut and sticky tape it on each poster. We displayed some great teamwork! It was enjoyable working on this together 😀

Then we went to the Student Guild to get them approved and put them up around the campus. This took longer than expected and my Mum was getting worried that we wouldn’t be at lunch on time (as she had another appointment at 2pm).

So after putting up some posters around the guild, we went back to the gym and had lunch with Mum. The food was nice but what was nicer was the gym itself … it has a swimming pool as roof!!!

My mum went to her appointment so him and I went to a music store to drop off another poster. On our way we talked about something – can’t remember what though … – we checked out what the music store had. As well as a harp there was a room full of guitars and I was like, “this is what heaven would look like for you, right?” and he completely agreed! 😛

We also dropped off a poster at the bookstore next door. They seemed pretty thrilled about our concert! On the way back to the car we walked past a café, and I could tell he wanted one – only he didn’t have his wallet with him. I asked him, “well, did you want a coffee before we go?” and he didn’t reply … “I saw that face!”, I said, “that’s what you want a coffee but do not have the strength to say no!” 😛 So I bought him a coffee – $4 a coffee, that’s insane!!!

Then we went back to uni, tried the art gallery, went around the arts department, and then headed to the residential college I was staying at last year. Managed to put two posters there and have our concert mentioned in the newsletter! Hurray!

Then we went back to the gym to pick up my mum. On our way we put on Classic FM and played our game of “Guess the composer” (which is a lot more fun than it sounds – but I guess that’s because we’re music nerds). Anyway, Mum was swimming when we got to the gym so we waited for her in the car, just listening to music. This Gregorian-chant like song came on, and one part had a repeating high-pitched note. As soon as I heard it I was like, “sounds like they’re laughing!!” and for the rest of the song every single time this high pitch occured we’d just laugh. I literally had tears in my eyes :’) it was so bloody nice being with him again, just as friends, and laughing with him. Laughter really is the shortest distance between two people!

Although we were supposed to have a rehearsal tonight, he was feeling too tired for it … actually on our way back home he slept in the car!!!

So anyway, here was the wonderful story of today. Thanks for reading if you did!


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