By the river.

She brought her knees up to her chest. It made her think back to that afternoon, months ago, when they had sat on the bench, side by side, exactly as they were now. Wasn’t it interesting how two moments could be so similar and yet, so completely different? They’d been speaking for some two hours, and had finally reached the end of their long conversation, having shared their feelings honestly. A peaceful quiet sat in between them, and they observed the river out in front of them, the lights of the city were reflected on its surface. She had missed such moments: the ability to connect with another, without even saying a word. As happy and peaceful as felt, an ache, only too familiar, tugged at her heart, for she was only too aware those moments occured so rarely these days. She breathed in, and focused on enjoying the sensation of relief and gratitude their conversation had brought. It had convinced her, yet again, that the friendship they had formed could overcome many obstacles and challenges. It had convinced her, too, that he valued the friendship just as much, and was ready to reveal his true feelings in front of her. She could not tell which was more beautiful, in that particular instance: the river, Under a pink orange Sunset sky, or their friendship, its depth and strength uncommon between man and woman? All she knew was that they had come a long way, and it had been a tiring journey to this afternoon, but there was nothing better than regaining knowledge of the contents of one’s heart and soul. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. She shifted across the bench, sitting closer to him. She let her head rest against his shoulder, and they held each other’s hand, facing the river, quietly, until the sky was dark and the moon had risen in the West.


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