sleepless again.

I cannot get to sleep tonight
I am thinking of you,
and I think yes,
I miss you.
I Wonder how you are
and I hope you are well.
do you miss me too,
my friend?
My room is so quiet,
and the dark, so dark.
I long to hear your breathing
and feel the tingle of your
skin against mine
as you shift in your sleep.
where is my friend whose
laughter is so easy
and whose smile is so sweet,
whose thoughts are intelligent
and conversations smart,
whose heart is kind
and touch is gentle?
where is my friend with whom
I can speak of my days
and laugh at myself
or question the world
attempting to make sense of it?
Where is the voice & the body,
the mind & the soul with
whom I love to speak,
and be, and kiss, and love?
I feel so empty tonight, as if
my soul had curled itself
into the corner of a box.
I miss you so very much,
I think I most definitely do.
I dare not look around me,
for I will see a pillow, lonely
next to me. I wish you
were here. I can even hear
the crickets outside. It is
so quiet. I ache to speak
with you again. My soul
needs the stimulation, needs
the thoughts and questions
you never fail to bring me.
Oh, I long to see you again.
XXX I miss you tonight
more than I’ve missed
you. Why aren’t you here? 😦


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