Thoughts about, well, moving-out, volunteering, getting a job, and generally being confused.

I guess I should be looking for a part-time job or something but here I am on a lazy Saturday night looking for volunteering positions in my local community.

I’ve got this crazy urge to move out of my family’s house. I’ve been living with my family for the past 20 years and I feel like it’s time this changes. It doesn’t help that I’ve formed a very very intimate friendship with a 26 year old who wants to live in the suburb I dream of living in when I’m older.

I’m a romantic and a daydreamer and I now find myself imagining living with this guy in a very cozy little appartment or townhouse in this suburb we both love. Not only are the houses very cute, there is a real little town centre with plenty of shops and good cafés, as well as a theatre, plus it’s really close to the city.

But (as there is always a but), how could we afford it? We are both students – both full-time students. Well, I have just completed my studies so technically I have no plans set in stone at the present moment. He, on the other hand, began another undergraduate degree last year so he still has two years until he graduates. So trying to afford a place will prove extremely difficult unless we both get a proper regular job.

May I note at this point that we are both musicians which by definition means unless you teach, performance opportunities are irregular in nature so basing your budget on that is very risky. Secondly, a lot of people who ask you to perform for them will try to get around paying you, saying that the performance opportunity is good “exposure”. I’m sure you’ve all heard this debate before so let me just say, as a musician, that I’ve got a huge debt to pay off for university and that exposure will not be enough to pay it off, and afford all other living necessities!

So I should probably be looking for a job right now I guess, although I have sort of decided I will keep studying this year and do a graduate diploma in Music Education, such that I can teach at a school next year. Especially if I am to move out (which is only a dream of mine up to this day), I will need a job.

But here I am looking up volunteering opportunities. i.e. what will NOT get me any money! (Nor any exposure …). I absolutely adore volunteering and always want to do more of it! I’ve sent dozens of applications since the beginning of the holidays and I haven’t had any answers yet so I’m going to keep applying. I just don’t know then if I’ll be able to do any of what I’m applying for once I get back to university …

Oh, I don’t know! I just wish my friend/lover and I could move in together already! But I don’t know if he wants to, or if he’d feel ok with us living together! I don’t know what to do ….. I just want to know what this year is going to be like!!!



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