all my close friends

This afternoon I celebrated my 21st with all my close friends. I only have seven of them, but they are probably the best! And because they are all the best friends you could possibly think of, they all came and stayed right to the end. I am so thankful to have such fabulous friends!

There’s a lovely big park near the city centre in my city. From the main avenue, you have an absolutely stunning view of the city and beyond. I’ve always loved this park and often imagine getting married there one day! For years I’ve wanted to have a birthday picnic there and decided that this year, I would just do it, and I have! πŸ˜€


Hm so here they are!

The little girl I only met today; she is the daughter of my best friend’s family friends.

So the girl all the way to the right is my harp student, she is originally from Iran. She is really friendly and really nice and awesome and every since halfway through last year we have been writing each other emails about all our boy problems! Last night she had invited me to go to a concert which was awesome. She’s such a fun girl!

Next to her is a girl from France. Literally my first ever friend. We went to kindergarten and primary school together before I moved to Australia. Although living so many kilometres away, we kept in touch through letters and she is now on an exchange in my city (how weird is that!). She is however leaving next month. 😦 But really, we’ve known each other for probably 16 years now!! How crazy is that!!

The guy next to her – who could that be! lol. The only guy … well, that’s XXX. If you want to know more about him, just read all of my blog (lol). The reason he is the only guy is because I cannot make friends with guys: either they develop feelings for me or I do. But as most of you would know, I have feelings for XXX … It was funny at one point today this stranger walked past all of us and addressed XXX. He was like, “well ain’t you lucky to be with so many girls!!!” and XXX replied, “I know right, they keep following me and I can’t help it!!” LOL. Oh his sense of humour!!!

Next to him is (obviously) me!

To my left is one of my best friends and I consider her the most beautiful friend I have. She is so pure and kind and good and intelligent and gentle, plus she looks so pretty and beautiful. She is also very understanding and a great listener who gives wise advice and only wants to help & support those she loves. She’s amazing!!!

Next to her is my other close friend. She looks really adorable and cute because she’s quite tiny but she’s got a distinctive personality and she’s unique and very fun to be around.

And the girl all the way on the left is my bestest friend. She calls me Poopie so I call her Weewee. She’s EXTREMELY crazy and random and we always end up having a great laugh together.


Me & XXX ….

13233242_10208780418055348_1454770296_nWe were trying to take a selfie but failed so asked XXX to take a photo for us …

I love my friends!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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