Something smells fishy. I don’t have any news from XXX! He usually always gets back to me within a day, but all of today’s gone past and just nothing (and yesterday and Monda we didn’t chat either! 😦 ). Maybe he is still feeling crap from last week. Hm. I’ll see what happens tomorrow. But if I get nothing by Friday then I’ll go knock on his door!

Apart from that, I have done a bit of research regarding mental health care. Mental health services are indeed very expensive; luckily if you are registered in Medicare, you get a rebate, so you don’t pay the full price. Still, even with that rebate it can be up to $55 an hour. However I found out about this program called ATAPS, which might be appropriate for XXX (hopefully he is eligible for it). It’s up to the GP to decide whether he is or not but if he were, it would mean he could see a psychologist for even cheaper. Next time I see XXX I will definitely let him know of that.

I’ve also found online self-help programs so I guess that is another alternative, although I think XXX probably needs to SEE and TALK to someone face-to-face. I thought I was one of his close friends but he does keep so many things to himself. Well, I think I am still one of his close friends but the point I am trying to make is that he still keeps a lot from his friends.

So I guess whatever happens I’ll just go to his on Friday and see how he’s going.


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