the gift of music.

I’ve always known music has played a huge part in XXX and I’s friendship, but each single time we jam together is a unique experience that is just so much fun, even when we are working.

Last night I brought my harp over at his place so we could have a rehearsal for our 4h-long gig on Saturday. We started rehearsing at around 6.30pm and went through some upbeat, pop tunes that we knew already, just to refresh our memories, and get started on a set list for Saturday. At 7.30pm we had a break to prepare dinner, which we ate with his father. After that we cleaned up, made ourselves a cup of tea, and returned to his room to keep rehearsing. We tried playing one of our own arrangements we wrote last year but had so much trouble playing it that in the middle of playing it, we both started laughing so hard!!! It was just so hilarious!! And I was just so happy because in that very instant moment, we were laughing and playing music at the same time, and surely there are no few other ways to grow friendship than through those two elements.

I was actually fairly surprised when I checked my FB this morning and saw that he’d messaged me the night before, once I’d gone to bed already, to tell me it’d been good to see me! It warmed my heart so much! 🙂

Today we had another rehearsal, although it was more of a recording session as we are trying to get a recording ready for Monday. He recorded his part first while I sat on his bed and listened/watched. This gave me the opportunity to feel so happy and grateful for this relationship. Gosh it may have sucked the past few weeks but I feel so LUCKY that he lets me in his room, and I get to see inside his little mind, and we are working on a personal project together ( a CD) – and isn’t that just awesome! I observed him play the guitar, and adjusting the levels on his console and clicking buttons here and there and he’s got some pretty awesome skills in the sound recording department if you ask me. I’m just so happy knowing him. I don’t care what anyone says, I think he’s a very amazing person with so much potential that needs to find a way out!

He said he wasn’t sure what to make us for dinner so we had a glance at what was in the fridge in the kitchen. We settled on pasta with pesto and basil. I said I’d chop the onions – it took me like 20mins to chop one LOL – but as he handed me the knife he said, “just be careful because it’s really sharp”. Isn’t it sweet when someone tells you to watch out for the sharpness of a knife!

Then we ate our dinner, and again cleaned up and made a cup of tea. Then we went to the dining table and I started tapping my teaspoon in my cup, in a regular rhythm. XXX grabbed a pen nearby and starting tapping another rhythm against his cup, and then against a glass vase. We got so into it that soon we were tapping on like five different objects of different pitches, just improvising very random rhythms, and omg we just burst out laughing afterwards, and he shook his head smiling at me …

And after this, we went back to his room and tried recording a few bits and pieces again, but I was getting so tired, so I went to rest on his bed, and then he played a bit of guitar. And then we started jamming again, and we ended up playing a really awesome jazzy version of Over The Rainbow!!! It was so cool!!! 😀

So yeah that’s what’s been happening here in the land of my heart (lol). I am so in love with this guy that I’m not sure what to do except to take in one day at a time and to always aim to accept & support & love him no matter what! 🙂 (I am very inspired to do that now).


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