Here it is guys, XXX and I’s video!!! 😀 😀 😀

A secret between you and me … he said he’ll get rid of the beard and I am relieved!! lol 😛 Actually it doesn’t look too bad on him but I still prefer no beard.

I’m so happy that he is finally getting things done in terms of his dream and career. He has started a Youtube channel, he has opened up a Facebook page, and a Soundcloud account. Yay! When I was with him on Wednesday he also said he’d like to tour a few places, which sounds exciting, but even more exciting because he asked me if I’d like to go with him! (Actually I am ECSTATIC!!!). I remember him telling me about this idea back in December of last year, so I am guessing it is a somewhat serious project of his, and he’d really like to make it happen. He said he’d like to go to South Africa and Europe, and Los Angeles … When we do end up going on tour, I’ll have to ask him if we can go to New-Zealand and Iceland, those are really the two places I’d love to go to (I’ve been to New-Zealand once but the landscapes are too beautiful not to see a second time).

So that excites me very much, as you can guess. It probably wouldn’t be until next year or the year after but still!!! First of all XXX has to finish his album. He’s got a few originals, some of which need harp, so yay!!! 😀

It would be really fun to go on tour with him, although I’m fairly sure travelling with someone either makes or breaks the relationship … let’s hope that by the time we do end up touring, we will be comfortable enough around each other and we won’t be fighting too much! I’m probably seeing way too far into the future but I just love to daydream! I am on holidays right now in a different city and literally all I think about is XXX, and whether or not he would like whatever place I go to. And I’m also thinking how much more I would enjoy a particular activity with his company. I am obviously far too much in love with him! When I brought the pain of chocolat the other day, his mum was like, “you’re too kind”, and I really felt like saying, “na, I’m just in love with your son”, but I didn’t. She probably already knows anyway, lol.

It was really cool the other day when XXX and I were out walking. We ended up watching the sun set. It was very amazing sitting by his side in silence, we were each lost in our own thoughts, but definitely not feeling alone. Sometimes we end up in potentially very romantic settings, like that last gig we had when we ended up having a fancy dinner, or earlier this year when we went for a walk through the golf course and the sun was setting.

I still don’t know if he’s the right person for me, which is annoying. Everyone around me seems to say he isn’t. For example, one lady asked me if he wanted to date me, and when I told her he didn’t, she just said, “he isn’t worth it”. My mum doesn’t like XXX as much anymore because she says he does nothing for me. As much as I agree with her, I also know that his depression has been a huge obstacle, and I do believe XXX cares for me and would do something for me if he felt like he needed to. And he said he is feeling better now, so let’s hope he can be there for me more often. I don’t know how you are supposed to “just know” if someone is right for you. But with XXX I really like what WE are TOGETHER.

Oh gosh, this is a long post! I’m in my hotel room, my sister is asleep and I have nothing else to do but read, think and write … And ask myself questions about life and XXX! 😀 Exciting!!!


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