life is cool! :D

I have to say, I’m just leading the best life ever! 😀 This year is so exciting and amazing. I say – every year is better than the last. I think it has to do with the fact that I am becoming more and more aware of my inner self and what I like to do, and what my purpose in the world is. The majority of my choices are decided upon what I believe my purpose is, which is why I think I have made the best choices ever these last couple of months!

Back in 2015 I began volunteering as a homework tutor for this child whose parents are refugees from Somalia. I have been seeing them on a weekly basis ever since, and the experience has been SO amazing that I could probably write 10 pages about it and probably wouldn’t even manage to express how amazing it has been! I have found myself going beyond the tutoring to helping with other issues, for example buying school supplies. And just tonight the father asked me to call his mobile phone company as he believes his plan had changed (and he had). He couldn’t do it himself because he does not speak English very well. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him, trying to explain a problem to me or anyone, and of not being understood. When he was explaining the situation to me, it took me a long time to understand it. I felt like saying, “oh, I see”, but then I couldn’t lie, that would have made the whole thing worse! But anyway, at last part of the problem has been solved, now we just have to find a new plan for him. But it’s the best feeling devoting your time for someone!

This year I also starting volunteering at a home for people who have had strokes, who are suffering from old age, physical and mental disabilities. I usually go every Thursday for an hour or so, but last month I didn’t go at all. I returned yesterday and it was so good to see the residents again! 😀 Communicating with them is a little difficult – not for language reason in this case, but because of their age/disability, but it doesn’t matter. I think many of them just like the company. I assist with one of the activities, which is to throw a big ball to the residents. This helps with their movement and coordination. It sounds boring but it’s actually great fun! 😀 And I also like to familiarise myself with old age and you know, people becoming weak, because I have to say my mum’s aging really quickly and quite badly too. So I’m setting myself up to be strong through this volunteering experience.

But even more exciting is my work with Rotary! YAY! Rotary is an international organisation, and I joined my local club just this year. I am the youngest there by far, and because I’m young and we don’t have many members in our club, they appointed me Youth director, which basically means I oversee any youth project! It happens that before I joined, my club had decided to participate in the youth exchange program. And guess what, our inbound student arrived just YESTERDAY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I met him and he is SO NICE and so cute, too! I am actually his mentor as well which means I have to care for him and look out for him! (I also have a bunch more duties and responsibilities to do with school and host families etc etc …) but yay!!! Joining Rotary has definitely been a great choice. I didn’t know what I was in for, and really I still don’t, lol, but it’s amazing and I’m learning so much as well. It’s just GREAT and I recommend it to EVERYONE.

I also volunteer for this other thing, it isn’t as intense as the other three, but there you go.

I guess the points I wanted to make with this post are that …

  1. I am aware that people are actually relying on me and trusting me, and that is an absolute blessing, one which I definitely do not take for granted. The Somali family views me as a friend as well as tutor, and trust me I will help them when they need. Our inbound student’s natural parents are trusting me to keep their child safe in a country he’s never been to.
  2. I realise also that I have many responsibilities, for the simple reason that all these people trust me. I have to show them I am worthy of their trust.
  3. Caring for others, unconditionally, is – what life should be about.
  4. When I step out of myself and look at my life as if from an observer’s point of view, I am actually very very happy with who I am today, as well as very proud. I don’t think there are many people like me and I am happy about that.
  5. Also, if people don’t love me, too bad for them! 😀

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