on cookies, friendship and meditation.

Long day is nearly over!

I had such a short night but I managed to get up on time and get through a full working day of private tutoring. Actually one student was away so I had an extra break. I got home at 4.30pm, had an afternoon snack, then went off to the shops to buy a packet of macadamias.

I spent just about an hour making cookies. I put flour everywhere, to my parents’ delight. Every time I am in the kitchen, something has to go wrong. But I actually didn’t feel very bad about it, like I am still just learning after all, who can expect me to master the art of being in a kitchen? I really don’t expect that from myself! lol 😛

My cookies turned out perfect. I am very happy with them. Of course, a dozen of minutes after I’d taken them out of the oven, my sister waltzes in and starts eating one! How dare she! Then everyone in my family starting asking me why I had baked them in the first place (as I never cook), and who they were for. They thought the cookies were for Cutie Pie, but they have no idea they are actually for XXX! 😀 Mwahahaha! I totally got them!!

While I was waiting for the cookies to cook, Cutie Pie sent me through his first report about his exchange. We have asked him to send us a report once a week. His report was a long one as it is his first one, but he has been here for two/three weeks now. I just loved reading it. His English is very good considering it is not his first language, and the little spelling or grammatical mistakes make it interesting and authentic. It was also very nice to read his perspective of Sunday night – he wrote that it had been “a night of big fun”. He also thanked me for the letter I had written him. Yay! Special people are special ♥

So yes, those cookies are first of all for XXX. Lately we haven’t been speaking very much and he sounded a bit down or maybe even angry at me, just distant, I guess. Also since we had a bit of an argument, I felt things between us just weren’t as good as they were before (although we did have a talk two weeks ago). Tomorrow he has a performance so I am hoping to go there and to give him a few cookies!

Except, hear this! He sent me a message on Facebook just a short while ago. Apparently his grandmother is dying and so his mother is leaving tonight to be with her mum. So he is (along with his father) going to the airport tonight. How THAT changes everything! And how I feel like baking those cookies really was the good thing to do (lol). He said it has been tough and that he is worried for his mum. 😦

I am so happy he has told me this. Maybe he wasn’t actually as angry as I thought he was, simply overwhelmed with the news and the sudden need for his mum to go. I really do appreciate his trust. Now that I know, I will not get angry at him again. Communication is so important. I am thinking maybe I can go round to his tonight and give him the cookies then. Maybe he will need a bit of cheering up tonight?

I don’t know how I felt like he would need cheering up but there you go, I did. Actually even on Monday, I had a feeling that our Tuesday rehearsal would not actually happen – it was just something telling me that it wouldn’t. And of course it didn’t. I feel happy with myself that I was bothered to make those cookies and that I am still a person full of love and ready to act on that love!

Oh yeah by the way, weird story. Last night I “dedicated” my meditation to Cutie Pie (basically the idea behind dedicating your meditation to someone is that they receive the benefits of the meditation you do), and I also sent him “Metta” (loving-kindness). Then I thought the following: “Universe, can you make it rain to let me know Cutie Pie has received this Metta?” … Then I tried to get to sleep, but couldn’t. 2 hours went by. And finally, I heard – I heard rain! I couldn’t believe it!

Ok so there might not be any link between the two events, I guess that is something we will never know. Also maybe it has more to do with the fact that it is Winter here and so likelihood of rain is rather high. But still!

WEEEEEEEEEE XXX still trusts me and still tells me things, and I still love him to bits and pieces!! And Cutie Pie is funny and he has shared his thoughts with me about his exchange and life is just amazing! Tonight I will dedicate my meditation to XXX and send all my Metta his way. I really hope my love, strength and positive attitude can be carried through the universe and be felt by those who need it the most.


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