Harping on!

I am so bloody tired. It’s 7pm here and I can finally sit down and breathe … and blog! It feels I have barely had a week-end, and another week begins so soon! Which is going to be rather busy as I am performing in a fundraising concert, which means rehearsals in the evening during the week …

Today just didn’t stop. I got up and started doing the chores. I wanted to get everything done before I left. So I vacuumed the whole house and did the ironing. After that I went grocery shopping with Mum. Back home, I had some lunch and then took off. I picked up my harp student/friend so that we could go to the harp gathering together. She has epilepsy and does not drive anymore so I thought I’d give her a lift.

The harp gathering was so far from our area (like a 45min drive). We arrived 5 minutes late, unpacked our instruments and then the AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the Harp Society started. I was called to the front as I am on the committee of the society. Once all the reports were presented, there came the time for the election of the office bearers as we are starting a new year with the harp society. Someone nominated me for the position of Vice-President and I accepted it. So, I am now the Vice-President of the Harp Society! πŸ™‚ Watch out everyone! lol.

After the AGM was the actual harp gathering. We were a dozen harpists, most of whom were beginners I think. I had emailed all the music back in late May or early June so that everyone could have a chance to learn their parts. I conducted/led the gathering. I sat at the front of the group with my little harp, and basically would count everyone in. It isn’t as easy as it sounds because you have to pick a speed which hopefully suits even the least experienced harpists. Then, many of them have never played in an ensemble before so the experience is brand new for them, and they get lost. It is difficult to know who is finding what hard, but you sort of just play through the pieces anyway and hope for the best.

Two of the pieces I had arranged myself. One was an arrangement of the Blue Danube. I was a little nervous that maybe it wouldn’t work out, but it turned out perfect! πŸ˜€ I am so happy. I had also composed a little tune and tried teaching it to the group. It wasn’t as successful, but that is because it is also more complex.

Still – it was fun and at the end of some pieces, the small audience we had would clap. After the AGM, we hung around for a bit for tea and my student wanted to buy a book of harp music, so we spent ages deciding on one as there was so much choice. I was so tired and really wanted to go home, but I had to take my student back so I just shut my mouth and waited for her.

Finally we were off and once we had reached her place, she invited me for tea. Her parents are very welcoming and friendly. They had so many snacks to choose from: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, figs … but I was so tired!!! Nevertheless, I stayed for half an hour or so.

Got home and had to clean my room, put fresh sheets in my bed. I tried to call the Somali father but he didn’t pick up the phone … I had to get in touch with my mentor as I cannot make the meeting tomorrow … I texted Cutie Pie … I will also send XXX a message to ask how he is … and YYY as well, while I am at it … is there anyone I’ve missed out?

Speaking of XXX, he performed today for the university’s Open Day and apparently my best friend saw him! πŸ˜€ I had suggested to Cutie Pie that we go to the Open Day but he preferred staying home and studying.

So that is all from me tonight, I really cannot wait until I am in bed. Hope everyone had a good day!!


Above: Me conducting the last harp gathering, which happened in March.


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