notes from thailand (1)

I could probably write loads of things about my stay in Thailand but I’ve decided I’m only going to write about those odd moments that have particularly touched me and that will most likely remain the most vivid in my memory.

There is nothing much to report about yesterday. Myself and the other members of my club found ourselves at the airport very very early. We did not sit together in the plane. After watching a movie and having a nap, I listened to some contemporary harp music and some guitar music which the plane offered. Obviously my thoughts were mostly on my best friend/crush XXX πŸ™‚

Today there are two things I would like to write about.

This morning before going out I was reading a blog about spirituality … the post itself had to do with “signs that the spirits are communicating with you” or something along those lines … *5 minutes later* actually it was this post: Here!Β  I don’t remember how exactly I got to this post but it was through Amber Choisella πŸ™‚

So anyhow, I read it and thought yeah, pretty interesting. I tried to recall instances of when spirits may have been communicating with me but didn’t really come up with any particular memory. I left the hotel with the other club members with that particular post in mind. We walked around the city, there were so many shops and little stands.

Then we came up to this one shop, which was like a grocery store, but right next to it were a dozen guitars!!! And I don’t know but as soon as I saw these guitars I was like, *of course they have to be there!!!*. It was just that strange moment when you feel like something has been put there just for you. Guitars instantly connected me to XXX. Not that he wasn’t too far out of my mind but seeing those guitars completely made me think of him.

So that was a fairly interesting and odd experience and I’m not in any way suggesting that it has anything to do with spirits. It COULD. Maybe if I hadn’t read that post this morning I would not have reacted the same way to seeing those guitars. Who knows?! Then what if it was actually spirits but I interpreted it wrong? And what would they be telling me about XXX? That he was thinking of me in that particular moment too, some thousands of kilometres away?

Now the other thing I want to write about.

Tonight my club visited a Rotary club in Thailand. I walked in the function with my Rotary friends to meet the other Rotarians, the majority of which spoke little English, if any at all. The club president was a lady, and within the first three seconds of meeting her I instantly had the most profound respect and admiration for her. We said hello and she just gave me a hug. Like, how nice was that!!!?? As if we were reuniting after a long time apart!

She came up to me after the meeting to take a selfie or two, it was just awesome. And she also said I was beautiful, which again, was just the nicest thing.

But it wasn’t just how she made me feel so instantly welcomed and loved that I will remember. She had this unique demeanour about her, she seemed to collected and calm, without any trace of anger. And she had a very graceful face and a gracious smile. She just felt like such a kind and loving person and that really struck me. She was very beautiful in her own way.

So these are my stories and observations so far!


One thought on “notes from thailand (1)

  1. My dearest Eliza,

    I had to really search through my site in order to find you…. for whatever reason my site is linked to your old account, so I have to reach out to the Help Desk again so I can see your postings. If it weren’t for Facebook I wouldn’t even known you are in Thailand…. gosh I’m definitely living vicariously through you so please post daily! Thanks for the shout out too! Once we’re cognizant of the signs we get to receive them more often, that’s where the fun really begins! πŸ™‚

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