awesome people <3

I am back from Thailand! Feels so good to be home.

As I got back in the morning, my afternoon returned to its normal Tuesday routine, minus the Rotary meeting. This Tuesday afternoon routine consists of teaching piano to one student, followed by – you guessed – rehearsal with my absolute favourite human (sort of) … XXX! 😀

I don’t even know why I like him so much. Do I really have to explain? It’s become so normal liking him that I don’t even question it anymore. I just do. He is so lovely. And today he looked handsome and sexy and hot!! But I pretended not to care. I think my attraction to him is still very strong but I don’t feel it as much anymore, perhaps because we have set very clear not-sleeping-with-each-other boundaries. However, I totally think should one of us cross the line, all this longing will be bursting out of my every pore. Ok that was slightly graphic but you get the gist.

So XXX turned up to rehearse and he realised he’d left his guitar behind, yay. Lol last time it was the music stand. Oh, what a silly head he has sometimes, but then that’s just who he is, you know :’) He came back and we set up the area, we amplified our instruments so it took a while setting the mics and everything.

We have a gig on Saturday (a wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ROMANTIC. OMG. WEDDING WITH XXX.). 😛 *Someone’s excited*. Today we played through the wedding repertoire. I asked him if we should rehearse another time before the wedding and he suggested Friday. BUT HEAR THIS, my darling said we could chill after (i.e. spend time together), and watch another doco about primates or whatever.

OMG :”””””””””””””””””””””””). Yes I have a waterfall of happy tears streaming down my face. (Not literally). It was just the nicest thing I had heard all day. There’s nothing like someone telling you they want to spend time with you. Oh I am so excited!!! Obviously this made me like him like 200% more than before. My heart melted … yay!!!! Me!!! He wants to spend some time with me!!! Even though we already spent time together today and will spend all Saturday afternoon together for the gig!!!

So anyhow, back to the serious business. At about 6pm I was feeling tired so I made us a cup of rooibos tea, and then I showed him so photos of Thailand, and I told him what the trip was like and then at 7pm he had to go 😦



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