YAY for a productive DAY!

Hello peoples!

This morning my favourite cat Pancho was on my bed when I woke up. He was SO ADORABLE and I cuddled him for 15 minutes. He is a bit of a fussy cat and doesn’t always want to be petted so when he does, you gotta make the most of it!

Right after breakfast I went to the shops and made a few purchases (skincare products because my skin is awful). Came home and worked out, then cooked lunch. It was actually a SUCCESS. It was YUMMY. This is one of the first time I cook something lol. I have always been terrified of cooking, for the simple reason that I am scared it’ll be a big disaster (or that I’ll put the whole house on fire).

Then I went through my emails, updated my diaries and calendars, worked on my concert project ….. BTW I don’t have much experience in graphic design but this is what I did:

bloop1It’s a little brochure for XXX and I’s concert! 😀 So I’m gonna need to print hundreds of copies to hand out to the population!! I think Pluck & Strum is simply the best name for us ❤ (I came up with it, lol). (and the first suggestion I had for our band was Beauty & the Beast LOL. But that was a silly joke).

I went with my mum to the radiological clinic as she asked me to accompany her. This took about an hour and a half. I had to hold her hand when crossing the road because she gets a little scared and her legs sometimes feel weird. I had no shame in doing this. Truly there are some moments in my life where I really no give a single f*ck what people might think of me.

I came home and spent about two hours working on two different projects for the harp society (of which I am vice-president). We are trying to organise a Christmas carolling event and are in the process of finding a venue for the annual harp camp next year. I thought of a venue so I emailed the manager and anyway, all that took a fairly long time.

I have also been doing research about possible courses for me to do. I obviously cannot spend the rest of my life doing what I am doing now. I saw a job offer for community development officer and the job description seemed to be exactly what I want to do. Therefore I have decided the next step for me to do is a course in community development. I am excited!!! 😀

I then spent a bit of time researching contemporary harp music for XXX. He is officially a presenter at the community radio station for their plucked strings show and has asked my advice and help for harp music. I found a few good ones!! 😀

One year ago on this day I had my harp recital, the last big exam of by bachelor’s degree. Feels like it was yesterday I remember everything so clearly … that moment when you realise your feelings for that one person just have not died by even 0.5% in the course of 365 days ….

unnamedTomorrow I’ve got another busy day planned … Practice, rehearsal, exercising, reading, making phone calls, and in the evening, REHEARSAL WITH THE HANDSOME GUY IN THE PHOTOGRAPH ABOVE. lol. And after the rehearsal, we’re gonna chill (most likely go for a walk or watch a movie/documentary). OOOOHHH perhaps I could go to the library and get a good movie out …..


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