this is an appreciation post for my kitty cat whose name is Pancho …


we’ve had Pancho (and his brother Peter Parker) since December 2013 from memory … We got them when they were little kittens, they were soooo adorable. When he was young, Pancho was very clumsy and awkward. For example, he’d try to jump on a higher surface but he wouldn’t get there. It was actually pretty funny.


The cats are now very independent. Pancho likes to spend time outside. In fact he often goes out at night and comes back home when my dad gets up. Then he comes into my room and stays the whole day sleeping on my bed.

Peter Parker is the most annoying cat ever, but I love Pancho more than anything. Pancho is mute so he is sooo quiet, which is nice. To communicate his needs he’ll come up to you and annoy you until you get up from your seat and let him take you where he needs you to go (i.e. kitchen to feed him or to the door to get him outside).


Pancho is also a bit of an anxious kitty. Loud sudden noises and anything brutal/sudden/big scares him. To approach him, one has to be gentle & quiet.

I think Pancho is really a cat who needs his own space, more than his brother Pete. By that I mean that if you start patting him when he isn’t in the mood, he’ll move away. So there really is a right time to pet him, and you have to respect what he wants.

He’s the nicest cat on the planet, I don’t think he’s EVER bit or scratched anyone ever. He can be very affectionate when in the mood. Most of the time though he is just a super cute cat who sleeps on my bed (or under my bed), who makes no noise at all, and who just gives the most peaceful of companies.


I love my cat Pancho very much. It is such a nice sight waking up to his little sweet face in the mornings (although I would also love to wake up to XXX’s face – lol). Pancho and I get on really well and I think he likes me a lot because he never runs away from me!


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