Do the capital letters in the title of this post convey how EXCITED I am about something really really awesome that I’m going to tell you about in 2 seconds???!!

For those of you who have not been following my journey for very long, in June this year or around that time anyway, my friend/massivest crush XXX and I recorded a track (in his bedroom!) and later made a video of it, which he uploaded to YouTube:

Fast forward a few months, XXX gets an interview on this community radio for a show to do with plucked strings (he was there with the rest of his guitar ensemble). He goes on to complete the training course at the radio and has begun presenting there for this same show, which happens every Sunday from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. He doesn’t present every week as they have a team of presenters so they rotate.

On Monday when XXX and I were at this guitarist’s recital, the main show’s programmer was there too and he told us that he’d play our track on the radio this Sunday.

So, I tuned in a little late but listened to the show. To my surprise, he started off by mentioning the concert I have been planning the past 6 or so months (in which XXX and I will perform solos, and duets together). I WAS SO THRILLED. Being promoted on radio is a huge plus!!! I hope that some of the listeners will now come to our show!!! It felt so weird to hear my name over the radio and thinking that hundreds of other people had also heard it.

The funny thing though was that he said the wrong starting time for our concert. I was chatting to XXX at the same time (and he was also listening to the show at his place), and he told me to call the presenter to tell him the correct time. So I called the station, spoke to the guy, and phew, he corrected his mistake! lol And then he kept getting XXX’s name wrong LOL. It was funny!!

But then the moment came when he played XXX and I’s track!!! It was soooo cool! Obviously I yelled to my parents to come and listen, so all three of us were in my room listening to the above piece of music that XXX and I had arranged completely by ourselves, and also recorded completely by ourselves (well – all XXX as he knows how to record and mix).

I got the biggest wave of excitement, mixed with pride, happiness … gosh I soo wished XXX had been around, I would have hugged him so tight!!! It’s like, woohoo OUR piece of work has been showed to the wide public – how COOL is that???!! Also, I felt – still feel – much enthusiasm and motivation to do more music with XXX.

Needless to say, the fact that hours of work and fun with XXX has been played on the radio made me love XXX even more than I did before, and also made me love being the friend and musical partner that I am to him. Really there is nothing like achieving something really awesome together. I haven’t felt the rewards of teamwork that much ever before. :’)

I was just chatting to XXX earlier tonight. In my few last posts I wrote about my career wish to become a community worker/program coordinator or something along those lines. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop playing music with XXX. Coz truth is, I won’t – ever!!! 😛 In fact he doesn’t even want me to leave him (YAY – it’s so nice when someone asks you to stay with them). The fact is that I both love community services AND playing music with XXX so I’ll see where these two paths will take me. Hopefully they will overlap each other more than they will dissect and cause me to make hard decisions …

I read this quote earlier today and I found it applies to my current thinking about my career so well. It is a quote by Rumi (found on this blog):

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


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