I hate it when I can’t fall asleep, that happened last night 😦 Of course I had to get up early this morning so I’m extra tired at the moment.

But, today was a good day! I took Cutie Pie volunteering! *Evil laughter*. I picked him up at quarter to eight and we went to the train station. Caught the train to the city. He actually stands out from everyone because he is freakishly tall (above average) and he was doing a Rubik’s cube … Typical Cutie Pie.

Once in the city we went to the volunteering meeting place to get our names ticked off. Today was the annual street appeal of this local organisation called Angelhands. They provide practical and emotional support to victims of trauma including murder and domestic violence. So Cutie Pie were given a tin to collect coins in, a halo and a pair of wings, and off we went!

The shift was three hours long, which was … tiring and … long …. but it was fun! I felt so shy but Cutie Pie was totally calling out every two minutes some small phrase like, “Change for change” or something else – gosh and I was just laughing behind him … laughing because I found it so funny he was so comfortable and confident! Like what the hell, where does he get that from???!! But I think I was also a little bit jealous of his confidence and just how – CAREFREE – he was being!! Most of all though I was mostly proud of him and just admiring him!! What a cool kiddo he is.

Right before we handed back our halos and wings he took a selfie of us both to send to his mum! 😀 yay!!! lol. Our first PROPER photo together. WOOHOO. YIPEE.. Now I have a good photo for my scrapbook!

After the volunteering was over, we grabbed lunch in the food court then took the train back home.

So that’s it peoples. Tomorrow I’ve got a long day of volunteering … YEP. How many hours of volunteering will I have done by the end of the week? Nearly 12 I think. Jeez. #hardcorevolunteer lol



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