Concert in 6 days

well, XXX and I had a rehearsal today, woohooooooooooooo. Concert is in 6 days!!! CRAZY!!! We went through the ENTIRE programme twice so by the end we were so tired. I was very happy that we can now get through the entire last movement of the second suite (we only started rehearsing it last week). Tomorrow we won’t rehearse together so that we can do practice on our own. Wednesday we’ll rehearse in the actual venue. HURRAY. And probably another rehearsal Friday and/or Saturday. WOOHOO.


So we were rehearsing and we got to the fourth movement. I like to play it slowly because it has such a pretty melody but the other duo we listened to play it a bit faster, so I asked him how fast we should play it. I picked a speed and then XXX went, “I like it slow.” Except he said it and he just had that look on his face that I just knew he’d just made a sexual joke. lol. Oh dear!!!! So I’m not the only making references about sex!!!

After running through the entire programme once we took a break to have some food, and then it was 5.30pm, ie. time for mum’s favourite show, Letters & Numbers. We sat with her and watched the show together. For the first letter mix I proudly managed to make the word “shit”. And in one of the next ones I made the word “Fart”. Obviously that made us lol pretty bad. Then he was like, “that would probably be me if I ever went on the show”.

Also a few months ago, he’d taken me to the radio studio to do an interview of me for one of his assignments for his radio course. I asked him to give me the recordings so now I have them!!!! Unfortunately what I was looking forward to the most (me making the bad jokes and him saying “you’re the worst”, or me speaking French and him saying French sounds sexy) has been deleted. Nevertheless it’s a fun interview to listen to and it will always make me smile. 🙂

After Letters & Numbers was over we went back into rehearsing and again had a full run through of the programme, this time he even recorded it on his phone. And after that we sat and breathed out then I was like, “should we do a Christmas carol?” so we spent the next like twenty minutes improvising over Jingle Bells. Sometimes we start playing music and it seems we just can’t ever stop!!! Then we played “In the jungle” and just had loads of fun!!! And finally we stopped feeling so exhausted!!!!

But good thing, dinner was ready and YAY he STAYED (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh like in the good old days!!! :’) ). We talked about transgenders with my parents and how in Canada you can get fined if you call a transgender by the wrong pronoun. After dinner I showed him the master I’m going to start next year and then I showed him the beginning of the speech I’ve been writing for the competition and he seemed to find it ok.

Then I walked him to his car as he’d brought his two guitars so I carried one. We hugged and said good-bye and I was just so happy to see him!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Love gives you wings!!!!

Ehehehehe he just has zero idea that I’m going to publicly thank him at the concert and that I’ll say he’s just the absolute best person for having done what he’s done for me. ❤ I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him to bits even though he’s so annoying sometimes!!!

BTW I am not sure if that will work but we have a Facebook page for our concert so if you’d like to know more here’s the link: I hope the link works, lol.

CIAO from the lady in lurrve.


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