you know you love someone when …

… you save a chocolate for them! And chocolate is your favourite food in the world. THAT is love at its finest.

Legit though. Last evening I was at a meeting and there were these Dark chocolate and coconut Lindt Lindor Balls … I had one and it was so delicious that I sneakily stole another right before I left, thinking to myself I’d eat it. I got into my car and on the road my thoughts naturally gravitated towards XXX and I was like, “he HAS to have the chocolate”. And once that thought had implanted itself in my mind, I couldn’t let go of it. I knew I’d feel guilty if I ate that chocolate!!!

So he came this morning for a rehearsal, and after lunch I gave him the chocolate. He actually didn’t eat it, said he’ll eat it later. So I’m waiting for a report from him about how yummy that chocolate was. lol.

On Wednesday when we went to the venue to rehearse, my mum called while I was driving. I obviously couldn’t pick up the phone. So XXX got my phone out of my bag, and he’s like, “it was your mum” and I don’t remember what I said but he ended up calling my mum back and he even said, “bonjour”! lol. Soon he’ll know how to read my text messages!! But it’s ok because my text messages are so boring.

So today as I said he came over, briefly (like 3hrs) to rehearse. Everything actually sounds decent and good!!! I can’t believe it!!! This is the FIRST time we are actually READY for a performance, lol. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I love him for doing this!!! When he arrived my little sister was in the sauna, which happens to be in the music room. Usually she gets really mad if someone comes when she’s in the sauna but today she didn’t seem to mind at all, she was like, “as long as you don’t look at me” she was ok with XXX being in the same room. IMPROVEMENT on her part, or maybe it’s just that XXX starts to feel like family to her too? That’d be nice. She actually doesn’t act that much different when he is around which means A LOT (not about her, but about XXX and how he “belongs” in the family).

After playing for an hour and a half we took a break to have lunch. There wasn’t much to eat, I boiled some frozen wontons. We ate and after XXX thanked me, and I went, “yeah it was a lot of work, you better thank me!!” and he’s like, “thanks for boiling the water” (which is actually pretty much all I had to do 😛 ) lol.

So these are my stories for the day, I’ll most likely post something tomorrow, and we’ll see how I feel Sunday, I might be too exhausted after the concert!!


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