Concert over … finally!!

I am exhausted but I am never too exhausted to post 😛

Last night after XXX left and I went to bed, I couldn’t fall asleep in a while. I was going through this huge checklist in my head about the things I would have to bring, and the things I would have to say. (I planned to do a speech about my volunteering experience, but every time I tried to write it I would get so stuck).

I for some annoying reason woke up at 5.00am, stayed in bed for half an hour trying to go back to sleep but I just couldn’t. I got up feeling restless, thought about making coffee but during the night the power must have gone out and it wasn’t back on and I had no idea how to turn the mains power back on so I had no other choice but to wait for my dad to get up.

I killed some time by patting my cat Pancho and writing in my guy diary about the previous night with XXX ( ❤ ). My cat went on my bad so I joined him and I rested for a bit and all of a sudden it was 7.30am and up I was again! After breakfast I showered and got everything ready for the concert. At 10am, XXX came over so we could have a final run through the two suites before the show this afternoon. We also played some of our solos and spent some time trying to work out how to fix his microphone, so by the time we were done it was actually 11.45am! We packed the harp in the car and off we went to the venue in separate cars.

I met him at the church, we unpacked and at 12.45pm-ish we headed off to have lunch, in the same café as Wednesday. I was feeling so sick with nerves that I barely was hungry, but I forced to eat because I knew I needed energy to get through the afternoon. He had the same sandwich as last time, while I had a savoury crêpe (so yummy).

We didn’t have that much time left before the beginning of the concert, so I just got changed and ran around handing out the programs, giving last minute instructions. And at 2pm the show started! I was a tad disappointed by the turn-out 😦 Some people who had booked tickets but they didn’t even turn up. And some people (including a few of XXX’s friends) didn’t come even though they’d said they’d would. 😦 We had about 56 people altogether, which isn’t SO bad when it’s your second public concert but still, the church just looked so EMPTY.

Nevertheless, we didn’t let that get us down. For some reason XXX made a few mistakes in the first suite, but I played my solos really well. All the nerves I had been feeling for the whole day completely disappeared and I could enjoy myself on the stage. After all my solos were done, the chair of the charity I was raising the funds for made a speech, and after this I made my speech.

Although I had no notes with me and was sort of making it up on the spot, I had practiced a speech almost every night for the past three months or so, so I actually had a clear idea what it was I wanted to say. But not having anything written to read out meant I could be so much more genuine and natural. I got a little emotional but that was to be expected! I didn’t feel that nervous about speaking, even though I have never really done public speaking before. So it all went very well.

After this we had the raffle draw. I had gotten Cutie Pie to come along to volunteer and help out with selling tickets, so as there were a few more raffle tickets available he went around the audience and sold some more. During this time the president of the Rotary club told everyone Cutie Pie was an exchange student from Switzerland and he asked Cutie Pie to give his opinion of the exchange, and Cutie Pie said the best thing ever – seriously the stuff that comes out of his brain sometimes!!! He said something like what you learn are the building blocks and the more you learn the bigger the tower, but you get to decide how tall it is and so going on exchange is great because learning about a difference culture and language is a good way to educate yourself.

After all the speeches, it was XXX’s turn to play his solos. I was very happy because he looked so comfortable on the stage and he played all his three solos really well (almost as well as mine, lol 😛 ). Then I made another very tiny speech, just to thank him, and I gave him the teddy!!! And everyone clapped and he hugged me.

So then we had to perform the last suite on the programme. I had asked XXX countless times before the concert if he’d be able to introduce it to the audience and he’d always say yes. So guess how I felt when he said, “well, what do I say about this piece?” lol. So I went, “I have something to say!” and he went, “yeah I’m not that good at public speaking” and I went, “thank goodness I’m here” lol it made the crowd lol. We performed that suite SO well, I was so pleasantly pleased. We got really into it and we were just playing SO together it was just like everything fit in the right places!!!!! YAY.

We played an encore, too. A short Christmassy medley that we’d made up ourselves. I got us to wear Christmas hats as well! 😛 And then the concert was already OVER!!!!!!!!!! We spent talking to people for another 30mins, and then once everyone had left we began packing everything up. When he put away a small portable mirror he’d brought, XXX said, “You didn’t even use it!” and I went (just to tease him), “I don’t need a mirror to know I’m beautiful” and he came back with, “oh, I know what you mean” … LOL.

His parents (who’d come to the concert and who’d left after it was done) called him and asked if we were still in the city and if we’d like to grab a bite and something to drink in a café nearby where they were already. So after packing everything up, we met his parents at the café. They bought me a drink and some nuts, how kind! :’) And his dad said my speech had brought him to tears, lol. Or nearly did anyway.

His parents left after a while as their parking expired. XXX and I stayed at the café for another 5mins and then we headed back to the car park. There we hugged, a long hug which was so nice. And then we got in our cars and drove home and that’s pretty much it.

If he’s free (and he said he should be) I’d like to take him out tomorrow to his favourite place. Because I am so madly in love with him and I’d do anything for him!!!

Anyway, we raised about $1200 through this concert which is a good effort! 🙂

There’ll be some photos up soon but for the time being here’s one of me:



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