Tennis night!

Phew, I just gave an intense harp lesson and I feel exhausted! Or maybe I am simply a little bit dehydrated …

I will probably be catching up with XXX tomorrow, the last time before I go away on my holiday to Mauritius and South Africa!!! We might be going to the movies with my friend/harp student and her boyfriend … so it’ll probably feel so much like a double-date, lol. So much for getting over him. No but actually I’m over him, really. I’ve accepted the fact that he’ll never want me and that’s fine, I’m totally okay with it. I’ll simply always appreciate our really special friendship. We do pretty weird things together sometimes. Like the other day I had my hat on and I started wondering if I could throw my hat on his head. So I squatted down and then jumped up and my hat flew off my hand and I tried to aim it at his head. lol. And then he tried to do it to me. Obviously we failed miserably but it was so much fun. We are pretty much as weird as my best friend and I are!

But anyhow, last night, my family took Cutie Pie out to a tennis tournament. I picked him up at 1.30pm and we chilled at my house for some time, watching the French news with Mum and also playing cards. Again there were weird moments when he’d just look into my eyes and it made me feel a bit funny and queasy and I probably blushed a bit. Also as I was turning my head in his direction his hand was reaching towards my hair or face, I had no idea what he was doing. I looked at him puzzled and he just punched my shoulder softly. What on earth had he been about to do!

At 4pm we set off. I drove and he was sitting on the back seat with my younger sister next to him, and my mum was sitting at the front. We went in the stadium and I sat down next to him. The tennis tournament in my city is called the Hopman Cup and last night it was France against Switzerland. Cutie Pie had brought a big Swiss flag (so organised). The first match was the men’s single and JOY of JOY, Roger Federer was playing!!!! The crowd went wild!!! Although I absolutely adore Federer, my patriotism got the best of me and I cheered for France like a madwoman. After the men’s singles match we went out to get dinner quickly. Cutie Pie was nervous because he didn’t want to miss the ladies’ singles match. So we got kebabs, ate them as quickly as we could, and went back in the stadium. So the ladies’ singles match happened and then it was the mixed doubles and FRANCE WON!!! YAY!!! Although Cutie Pie was SO disappointed!!!!

Nothing much happened during the entire evening. I enjoyed sitting next to him and it was so nice to feel his skin against my own. There was the occasional stare in the eye and smile but apart from that, nothing more really. Also he was taking lots of photos on his phone and sending them on Snapchat.

Once the matches were over we walked back to the car. I wanted to talk to him but he was too busy on Snapchat that it actually got me a bit annoyed. 😦 Obviously he didn’t want to talk to me! Maybe I annoy him anyway with all my lame comments. I drove him back to his home and he thanked my family and we shook hands and that was it!!!


Younger sister, me, Cutie Pie and my dad.



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