movie time!

So the past few days my friend and I had been talking about going to the movies tonight. She wanted me to meet her boyfriend so to make it sort of like a double date I told XXX about it and he’d seemed keen I think. Except earlier today he said he probably shouldn’t go to the movies. I was disappointed but at the same time, what else can you expect from him. That is exactly why I don’t want to be in a relationship with him. And also why I’ve stopped thinking he likes me anymore than as a friend.

XXX and I agreed to go for a walk this afternoon and he rocked up at 4pm. We spent the first hour at home actually, listening to the recording of our CD and congratulating each other, and laughing at each other’s mistakes, commenting on our performance. After listening to a few tracks, he happily hugged me sort of time that I instantly felt turned on. And almost as instantly I thought, “noooooooooooo, I HAVE to move on from him! And feeling turned on really shouldn’t happen!” Why are friendships with guys so difficult??? Well maybe I should just make friends with an UGLY guy but for some reason I always make friends with the good-looking ones …………!

We also had tea with my parents and at 5:15pm we finally set off on our walk. We walked around the block and as we had a bit more time we went to the golf course. There wasn’t anyone playing golf so we sat down on a patch of grass and stared at the landscape in front of us (“love isn’t about looking at each other, it’s about looking together in the same direction”, St-Exupéry once said …). We spoke a bit about birds and XXX also said this should be “our spot”. So I guess it is, since we’ve claimed it now (lol). But that was a pretty romantic thing for him to say! :O lol. We returned back to the house around 6:10pm because my friend was picking me up to go to the movies. As we walked through the front door I was telling XXX how I’m so glad I am not like my sister, because she takes 1h to put her make-up before she goes out. XXX looked back at me and said, “you don’t need it” [make-up]. He said it so casually and yet I just know he means it!!! That makes me think he likes me … a bit …

My friend was running ten minutes late, so we went in my room. I was a bit worried that XXX might see the sign I had put up on the wall (about him not being good enough for me), but I don’t think he could actually READ it since his eye-sight is so bad, lol. We played a bit of music and then I brought up the movies and asked him if he could come. He said he couldn’t but I pushed it, and I even tossed a coin. Actually the coin said he shouldn’t come but I pretended it had said otherwise. XXX didn’t resist and he ended up coming! 😀 WIN. And yes I’m supposed to get over him but I sort of am! It’s not because I take him out to the movies that I’m in love with him, right?!

So my friend had also brought along her parents and all five of us headed to the movies. My friend’s boyfriend was already there. We met him and then went to buy tickets but the cinema was full. We consequently went to a different cinema not too far but same story. In the end we headed back to our original suburb and picked the 8.30pm session. As it was only 7.30pm ish we had a bit of time. XXX and I were starving so we went to Grill’d (YAY) while the others went to San Churros. So in the end it felt like a date with XXX, LOL. But actually we’ve been to Grill’d plenty of times just the two of us so it’s not really a date.

He opted for the “Baa Baa” lamb burger (that’s what it’s actually called) and I dared him to order it making the sound of a sheep. I even filmed him, lol. 😛 We also got a bottle of apple cider each because WHY NOT. We sat down opposite each other and then the food arrived and we ate and had a lot of us! We also got the avocado chips!!! So we had such a great time at Grill’d, it went so quickly, too! I told him about my really cool idea, which is one day him and I will order Grill’d take-away and eat it at “our spot” in the golf course! He said we could also eat it at the lake (he really likes the lake). So these are future eating out plans 😉 as friends!

Once all the eating and drinking was done we joined the others in the cinema. Of course I sat next to XXX. Movie happened. Then we got back in the car. Oh yeah in the car we were squashed in the back seats, and his leg was so warm!!!! And also he was trying to put his seat-belt on and I was holding the thing and I was telling him, “it’s here, it’s here” but he was fumbling with the other one and anyway then he clicked his seat-belt in and he’s like, “were you trying to touch my butt?” and I laughed (oh, only he would say such a dumb thing), and said, “ewwwww why would I touch your butt???”, pretending to be grossed out which was hilarious because we both sort of know how much I want him (wantED him) … lol. We are really the dumbest people ever when we are together!

My friend dropped me off home and XXX came in very briefly to take a copy of the CD, and then we said good-bye. As I’m going on my holiday tomorrow this was the last time I saw him before I get back on February 4th. We hugged each other and, while hugging him, I thought, “I’ll miss you”. But I didn’t say it. Because I was too busy thinking to myself, “did I really think that?” I feel like this was sort of the first time that I thought “I’ll miss you” so ….. naturally? Like it just popped out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting it. So it sort of took me by surprise.

WOOHOO so it is nearly midnight and I really have to sleep, tomorrow is a HUGE day. Wake up, finish packing up all my things, off to a gig (a memorial service), come back home and then off to the airport!!!


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