Back home! (and back to the same questions …)

When was the last time I blogged? I can’t even remember!

I am back home in Australia, after having spent 10 days in South Africa (before SA I was in Mauritius). I am so happy to be home, mainly because I had missed my cat Pancho so very very much (and he’s been in my room almost all day every day since I got back). Life is already hectic. I will be tutoring one day a week at a private girls’ school; I will be starting my Masters next month; I have about 10 private students to fit into my week; I want to work-out most days of the week; XXX has asked me to do chamber music with him at uni which will take up all morning on Mondays; I still volunteer on a regular basis with my Rotary club, the harp society, and two other NGO’s; I have a wedding or other type of gig almost once a week; I’ve joined a choir and orchestra which means two rehearsals per week …

For those of you who have been following my blog, I’m now gonna ramble on about my most favourite topic … XXX. Lol. For those who DON’T know who XXX is, he is my best friend (pretty much, right), and he’s been my best friend for nearly two years (AHHH), and also I was in love with him (don’t know if I still am – probably), we’ve slept together a few times early on in our friendship (but it’s been a year), and there are times I wonder if he’s good enough for me and … yes, that is the situation.

Obviously we have been in touch since I got back, chatting over FB about a number of different things. We were gonna catch up Sunday but that was the day I got back so we couldn’t, also he had to present his show on the radio, which I of course listened to. It was the first time he did a live interview on radio, with a gypsy-jazz band, who will be performing shows next week. In fact, XXX got a free ticket for one of their show and GUESS WHAT, he managed to get me a free ticket, so we’ll be going on Sunday night of next week! 😀 Is it a date???????????????????????????!

I also forwarded him an email about possible performance opportunities for us as a duo, and he replied saying he was so excited about life at the moment, but when I replied with “but what should we perform?” he said, “don’t be a smelly poo”. Lol. Well ain’t that love. Really it seems everyone calls me poop: my sisters, XXX, my best friend … So I think it is actually a sign of love. Also, he said he couldn’t wait to see my face. So many nice words in so little time!

I am seeing him tomorrow as we agreed to catch up, but he also told me to keep my Saturday evening free “for a surprise”. What. Even. Ok I am really not used to him being like this. What could it be? I am so curious!!!! Is it a nice surprise?

Turns out he is going to be pretty damn busy as well this year. Apparently the school he tutors at currently have 17 students enrolled for guitar, which means he has to go to the school twice a week (and the school is over a 1h drive). He’ll be studying full-time as well. One good thing though is that we will be doing chamber music together, and that is every Monday morning, so at least we start off the week together. Won’t that be great?! He even said how great it would be to drive to uni together on Mondays!!!

I’m so excited to see him. There were times over my holiday when I missed him. Especially when listening to the live band at the hotel, I so wished he’d been there. And also whenever I was out walking with my family in the lush nature of South Africa. The thing with XXX is that we appreciate the same things pretty much to the same level – it’s a part of how we understand each other. It isn’t the same listening to the band with my family …So I have missed him, which is why I’m so happy to see him again. If I miss him does it mean it’s love? Lol I have been asking myself this question for 1.5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally imagine myself jumping up to him and linking my arms around his neck and hugging him so tight, but at the same time I anticipate it’ll be a reunion just like we’d never been apart for a month (i.e. I’ll open the door and hug him as usual). And apparently he’s got a new hairstyle – man bun or something – so I’ll probably tease him by saying how ugly it looks. BTW isn’t it funny that both him and I got a haircut and changed our hairstyle quite radically? (After having very long hair for almost 20 years, I got them cut to shoulder level).

Tonight is a Rotary meeting so who do I get to see? My little angel, my sweet boy, my Cutie Pie! I think he’s also got a hair cut so that’ll be interesting. I liked his hair as it was though, not too long, but long enough for him to run his hand through it (which he would do like 100 times in the course of an hour). Can’t wait to see his eyes because they are the most beautiful thing on this planet. But he’s probably going to annoy me in some way, as all boys do.


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