love is in de air.

Yesterday XXX and I agreed to jam for a bit (since we are performing in chamber music class tomorrow) and I had told him to come to mine at about “6pm-ish”. I was on my way back home from a meeting and I was wondering if XXX would already be at mine when I’d get home. I was thinking to myself how it’d be like a dream if he were! Well I turned in my street and his car was parked outside my house!! I actually didn’t believe it at first, I sort of had to look twice. XXX was already inside just talking to my parents! lol.

We hugged hello and after getting a bite to eat and something to drink, we went into rehearsal mode. I was so tired though that we only played through the music maybe once or twice. Now what WAS funny is that we agreed to practice with the metronome on. He has a metronome app on his phone, whereas as I just have a normal metronome. Of course what did we end up doing? We got our metronomes to be in sync and we played with both of them on, lol. 😛 Our level of fun (we actually had fun getting our metronomes to be exactly at the same time).

Then it was dinner with mum, dad, and my two sisters. We made some bad jokes. Then my dad and XXX just talked for ages about space (XXX is really into space and so is my dad – joy!). After a while I got up to dry some clean dishes and sort of looked XXX thinking to myself, “I wonder when he is going to say that Elon Musk is South African …”. But instead XXX just looked at me and told everyone how bored I looked because I am not that interested in space (I could be interested but I was too tired).

After the space conversation, my parents and XXX discussed permaculture. XXX’s older brother in fact is into permaculture. So my dad was arguing a bit with mum, and XXX was voicing his opinions as well, and I sort of wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered and I hate having opinions. All of a sudden XXX breaks in and says, “now I want Eliza to say what she thinks about all this!” lol I just glared at him, and he smiled cheekily.

Once dinner was over, it was movie time! Well, as if we hadn’t talked about space enough, XXX decided to watch Europa One, this sci-fi movie about a team of astronauts who travel to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. It feels more like a documentary actually. It was a pretty weird movie, there’s some suspense, some parts are creepy and scary, some parts are sad. I actually got pretty freaked out a number of times.

Movie over, it was probably a little past 11pm. XXX packed up his things and I innocently asked, “would you like to stay?” but this time he didn’t. Actually I didn’t mind so much because I sort of was too tired, lol.

Today he presented his show on the radio and he actually aired part of an interview he did of me a few months ago!!! LOL. I was expecting him to introduce me as the most beautiful harpist he knows but he didn’t do any of that, lol. So that was pretty funny, hearing myself on the radio :O

Tomorrow we have the chamber music class at 9am so I am picking him up at 7.45am and after the class we are going to have lunch together 😀 YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

I had a gig today – a wedding. When it came to the reading of the vows, the first thing the groom said, “you are my best friend” and I got tears in my eyes :’)  then I think to myself, “people seem to marry their best friend!” and then I think what does that mean for me 😉 lol.


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