i (finally) have a boyfriend!!!



You all fell for it didn’t ya 😉

Well I may not have a boyfriend but I have the best guy friend in the world! Wait until you read the rest of this post!

Like every Monday morning I picked him up and we headed off to uni. He hadn’t had any breakfast (he’s sick of toasts) so we managed to sneakily get a croissant and a drink from a French café before heading in to class.

Today was chamber music class so some chamber groups performed. We did! 😀 It actually didn’t go as well as we had hoped/worked so hard for. I think XXX was a tad distracted but the main problem was that he wasn’t properly warmed up so every fast section he couldn’t play very well. Great! Nevertheless, we got reaaaally good feedback, such as we really listen to each other very well, we both have a really strong sense of the pulse and we don’t get put off by each other’s mistakes! i.e. we make the best ensemble in the world 😉 lol that is just my personal addition. I was trying not to smile like a lunatic when the teachers were giving us the feedback, lol. I wonder if they can tell I have a massive crush on XXX!!! 😛

Once we’d finished performing the class pretty much ended because there were no other groups. XXX was still hungry so we decided to get more food from a different café. But as soon as we get there XXX is like, “you’re gonna hate me, but I don’t actually want food.” lol. SO typical. Instead he got two drinks. Drinks in hand, we made our way to a shady spot on the grass near the car park and chilled for a bit. XXX looked sooo peaceful and happy and relaxed and comfy – how nice to see him so! He was just lying down on the grass with some sort of smile on his face. I think he is just so happy to have gotten the scholarship to go to UCLA in July. But also I think he was just happy to be with me. And he thanked me for giving up my Monday mornings to do chamber music with him when I don’t have to. I just said, “it’s a pleasure” (because really, it is).

Eventually we walked back to the campus, where I got myself an ice-cream. Once I had eaten it we went together to the scholarships office so he could thank the lady who helped him and also ask her a few questions. Oh yeah I forgot to say, his guitar teacher thought XXX and I were dating, LOL. I think EVERYONE thinks we’re dating. Mwahaha they must be so disappointed when they learn we aren’t.

Then we went to the library and after he checked his emails, he left to practice, while I stayed to study. After 10-20mins of sitting alone at the computer, I started to miss him for some reason, I just couldn’t focus, didn’t feel motivated at all to do anything. So I got up and went up to the music practice rooms where JOY I found him! I settled on the floor with my laptop on my lap while he kept practicing. It was actually pretty cool just to be working on different things but side by side. Maybe that’s what it’ll feel like when we move in together 😉 (IF that ever ends up happening).

And at 2.00pm he had to get going and so did I, so he left, and thanked me for the lovely day!! :’) so that was my interactions with XXX on this fine day.

When we were sitting on the grass it was just SO nice. For a while we just sat there not even speaking. When he was lying down I was tempted to lie down next to him, for some reason I could picture myself doing it and I almost had the sentiment that that’s what he wanted me to do. But I just stayed sitting down, lol. Anywayz, the exciting thing is he wants us to go on TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

😀 Well the first big project of the year is to record an album.

And after the album we’re hoping to tour Australia. That’s his idea. He asked me if I’d be up for it and I approached it in my usual I-love-to-daydream-too-but-I-am-a-practical-person “will you actually be able to organize it all?”. “Do we have enough music?” “Where do we stay?” “How do I get my harp across the continent?” etc etc. lol. Still, I said YES because it would be like a dream come true, right, hanging out with my best friend and playing concerts with him, and even doing a bit of sight-seeing with him! HELL YEA. Ok now I’m excited!

It was actually funny, when we were talking we talked about where we’d stay in whatever city we are. He’s got some friends or family in Melbourne or something, but no one in Adelaide. My ex now lives there actually. I was like, “I should just message him and say I’m coming!! … with a guy!!” lol.

So yeah won’t it be so cool to travel with XXX and do some concerts!! And we’d probably end up sharing a room if we stay at hotel, to be honest I definitely DON’T mind! lol. Ok so that is my excitement in a blog post!!!! YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII omg I love him so bloody much, he’s got no idea 😛


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