good day (+ lame photo)


So the plan was that XXX picks me up at quarter to eight so we head off to uni in his car. At five to eight he still wasn’t around so I checked my FB, turns out he was too low on petrol so I had to go get him from the park. Ah, so typical, lol! So I drove us to uni. As usual we firstly got a coffee from the French cafΓ© and then we went into the practice room and got on with rehearsing. Instead of playing the same old stuff, we sight-read heaps of new music, we got SO EXCITED!!!! πŸ˜€ Then I had the idea of taking a photo to post on our Pluck & Strum Facebook page (if you are on FB, please look up the page and give us a like! πŸ˜€ ). We spent the following fifteen minutes trying to take a selfie, it was so difficult holding the phone plus the music plus the guitar, getting the harp and our faces in the shot … omg and then he said to pull a silly face so I poked my tongue out, and one of my eyes got cut off and it was just hilarious, I nearly had tears in my eyes :’) The resulting photo of XXX and I being excited about new music:

Selfie with Darryn lol_01MayWhat a freak, seriously (him) πŸ˜› Also, I quite like his teeth.

After rehearsal he had to get going to a meeting at a school he’ll be starting to teach at (as a guitar tutor) and as he didn’t have his car, he was going to take the train there, but me being me (i.e. his best friend and also the nicest person ever, but really just being soooo in love with him), I offered to drive him there. So off we went. As we were running early, we decided to eat first. We ate in a park someΒ wraps that his mum had prepared. There I told him how my sister’s friends had just broken up (after being together for like 10 years) because she didn’t want kids and he did. XXX was like, “I think I’ll want kids in the future.” Great to know πŸ˜€ LOL. The real question is, would he have kids with me πŸ˜‰ and would I with him!!! lol. Probs too early to say.

So after this discussion we were more hungry so we went to the shops to get more food. He spent ages deciding what salads we should put in our shared salad box. Then he started stressing, realising we didn’t have that much time anymore. So off we went to the school. He went to sign the contract; meanwhile I stayed in the car and wrote. 15 or so minutes later, he came back and we went to finish the second part of our lunch. This time we ate it on a patch of grass near the school and then he walked to the station and I headed home.

What a great day πŸ˜€ Seriously it is the BEST thing starting my week with him. Laughter guaranteed πŸ˜€ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have his guitar at the moment and he said he’d pick it up after dinner but it is nearly 9.30pm!!! O.o Maybe he wants to come late just so he feels too tired to drive home and he can sleep the night here πŸ˜‰ lol. I’m so hopeless. Actually he probably just had a tonne of stuff to do and will come tomorrow morning to get his guitar. Oh yeah, also, he could simply still not have any petrol to drive here. Ihihihihi in any case, it’s so cool having his guitar at my house, doesn’t it just show how much he trusts and loves me! Ok, you get the point, I’m slightly mad about him!!


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