I have a 1,500 essay due in two days and I haven’t started writing it! I am still doing research and trying to think of an argument. Bah. I was so busy the last two weeks, and even though this week has been a little more chilled, I was too exhausted to get much done. Now I have reached the point where I don’t care so much if I hand in my assignment one or two days late. I have accepted my fate, lol. It just annoys me that the only form of assessment when you do a Masters are shit-long essays. Having to do tedious research and analysis and spend hours writing about a topic annoys me, and I am not even certain that it is such a successful way of learning? I just wonder how essay writing skills are going to come in handy in actual practice down the track unless I become an academic, which I definitely do not want to be. I feel I learn better in a hands-on environment, where I am in the heart of the action. No behind a computer screen, passively taking in information and then thinking up of an argument just for the sake of having one. But perhaps I am having these thoughts because I am simply stressed out about my assignment?

I just want to ramble about XXX, as usual. I saw him on Monday (wrote about it in my last post) and also yesterday. Usually I drive to work but yesterday I caught the train in, and knowing XXX finishes classes at 5pm (same time at which I finish my teaching) and the uni is literally 3mins away from my student’s place, we agreed he’d drive me home. YAY! I was SO excited! 😀 However, my private student cancelled her lesson at the last minute. So after working at the school, I took the bus and got a hot chocolate from the French café XXX and I always go to on Monday mornings. I also got two “friands” to take away, since I knew that XXX usually doesn’t have time to eat lunch on Fridays and he’d be starving. Then I went to uni to wait for XXX, but he messaged me saying his own class was also cancelled and that he was waiting for me. So I met him at the café and when I showed him the food he was all excited and happy (and yes, he was starving), and he ate one friand in like 2 seconds I didn’t even see its colour! lol. We got in the car and drove home. Oh it was so lovely! Best 50-ish minutes of my day ❤ We listened to music, played our favourite game “Spotto”, teased each other, talked about things. Oh man, so good to have him in my life! Sometimes he looks at me in that funny way of his, I assume he sort of thinks things like “she’s a bit dumb and blonde and weird but she’s cool” lol. Oh yeah he was telling me how there are these two young year 5 teachers at the school he tutors at, and they’re always hanging out during the breaks and they laugh a lot and XXX is like, “it is so obvious they are dating” and after 2 seconds of silent I went, “nah, they could just be friends?” (making an illusion to me and XXX). I don’t know if he got the hint though.

But this past week has been interesting in a few ways. I am the vice-president of the harp society of WA and so last week-end we had a harps gathering. We did harping and singing. The leader of the gathering (who is also on the committee) happens to sing in a church choir and a few days after the gathering, she sent me an email to ask if I’d be interested in joining the choir, which rehearses and performs on Sunday mornings. Now the funny thing about it is, the conductor of the choir happens to be the music teacher/form teacher/choir conductor/orchestra conductor all during high school!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND he was also my FAVOURITE TEACHER!!!! So, as I haven’t really seen him since 2012, I said YES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am seeing my favourite teacher again and singing in his choir so I could not be happier :’) !!!!

The other thing is that I joined another choir at the beginning of this year and this week the conductor asked me if I could sing one of the solos. As I am not a trained singer I really don’t trust my capabilities as a singer so been asked to do a solo is a huge compliment but I also feel SO scared!!!! So anyway, these are two exciting things that have happened for me!

Tomorrow is going to be one full day! I’m off to that rehearsal bright and early, and straight after I am going to cast my vote for the French elections, then I have to race home to pick up my parents to take them to the airport (they’re going away on vacation before my dad starts his new job)! I have the afternoon to myself although it will be spent food shopping, cleaning, ironing, essay-writing, and I’ll have to cook dinner as well, and then XXX is coming over to rehearse and chill and give me some quality company! 😀


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    1. I’m studying part-time and thank goodness – because I have no idea how I would manage doing full-time load! It’s hard enough doing only 2 units!

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      1. What’s your program? I’m full time with 2 courses, a full time job, and counseling (internship) which is included in my program. A Master’s program is NO JOKE.


      2. International & Community Development! It’s all done online so maybe I’ve been slacking a little recently. It mostly consists of heaps of readings & online discussions (along with assignments).


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