i am actually so in love.

^story of my life

but hopefully by the end of this post you will be able to understand why.

Yesterday my day just did not start off well at all. I left my house a little before 7am thinking the traffic this early in the morning would not be too bad. I was wrong. Terribly wrong. The traffic was just AWFUL; consequently, I arrived 10mins late to work. I felt so awful and guilty and embarrassed!!! The rest of the morning was slow because I had like a two hour break between 2 students, and I didn’t really have anything to do.

Anyways, I finished work at 3:40pm and drove to uni to use the gym. I looked for parking where XXX always parks, and I obviously checked out the cars until, BEHOLD, I saw his blue car (which has a new registration plate … but I’ve already got it memorised, LOL). So I parked right next to his car, and it’s pretty funny because we drive the same cars (except his is blue and mine is white).

I rang him but he didn’t pick up, so I messaged him to let him know I was also at uni. He told me his class finished at 5pm which couldn’t be anymore perfect, it gave me like 45mins to smash out a work-out! So I did my work out, had a quick shower, and found XXX waiting for me outside the gym at a little past 5pm.

We made our way to our cars and that’s when XXX says, “your tyre is flat!!!!” and such was the case. One of my tyres was completely flat 😦 So I wonder about what to do. XXX took leadership of the situation and started working on removing the flat tyre. Meanwhile I called my parents who called the insurance who called me, but it seemed XXX had it all under control. He was sitting on the ground between our cars turning the thing to get the car to go higher. And once that was done, he unscrewed the bolts that held the tyre to the car. He did it all!!! 😀 And after that he put the emergency tyre on. And half an hour or so later, the car was fixed and I felt so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the BESTEST friend EVER!!!

Unsurprisingly, I had loads of time to think and check him out while he was fixing the car (lol). So many times I felt so grateful for him that I was so close to stopping him from whatever he was doing and just kiss him!!! omg it was on my mind so bloody much, it just isn’t even funny. I was also thinking how if we ever went camping or on a road trip and we got a flat tyre, we would definitely be able to survive. But generally I was just thinking how lucky I am to have him and also how lucky it was that he was around uni at the same time as I was!!!

Because of my flat tyre I had to cancel my private harp lesson which meant by the time the new tyre was on, I had 1h15mins to kill before my choir rehearsal. I told this to XXX not really expecting anything from it, but he said he had time, and I’m not sure whose idea it was, but we decided to get some food to eat in a nearby suburb. So we off in his car!!! He put music on, and he started talking to me about something and sometimes I could feel him turning his head to look at me and smile and it honestly made me feel so shy coz like I knew if I turned to look at him I’d just want so bad to kiss him. AHHHH. So I avoided looking back at him (but I may have done it once, just to show I was listening). Seriously though, he is so handsome, and he has got the most beautiful, gorgeous, genuine smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we parked and he saw this bakery and he got all excited because apparently the spinach and feta danishes there are delicious. Therefore, I bought us one each. When I ordered I was like, “we’ll have the danishes …” and only after saying it did I realise I had used the pronoun ‘we’ which obviously proves how much I want to be in a relationship with him, lol. I don’t know if he noticed!

We ate while walking around the main suburb/town centre, which has a main road filled with shops, businesses, cafés and restaurants (it’s actually quite a fancy suburb). XXX was walking pretty slowly, somehow it gave me the vibe he was actually enjoying himself. I wanted to enjoy myself too but I couldn’t completely because in the back of my mind I was thinking about my choir rehearsal and I knew our time was limited.

We found a café that was open and got a hot chocolate each, then sat face to face to drink it. Best hot chocolate ever, and all the better when right opposite you is your favourite person in the whole wide world!!!! (ok I’m like so crazy about XXX lolz). But we couldn’t stay for very long; soon it was 6.20pm so we made our way back to uni and I headed off to choir …

When I got back from choir I had a new message from him. Apparently he needs my help for something but the best part of his message was that he wants to show me this place that he knows. Apparently it’s at the top of some hill and no one goes there. It’s pretty much his secret spot and from how he’s described it to me, it’s an awesome spot because you can see pretty much everything from it. So I’m feeling special that he really wants to show me his special place. He goes there when he needs to think and stuff. That guy can be SO romantic sometimes!!! I still get surprised!!!

So yesterday would have been a crap day had XXX not been in it. Seriously, he was definitely the BEST part of my day!! In fact when we said good-bye he said he’d call me Friday after uni. But today he got really sick so it didn’t happen. I think he’s probably still jet-lagged and trying to return to Australian time is a bit difficult with very little rest (he started going back to work this week as well).

Maybe I’ll see him tomorrow then, I really hope for it!!!! 😀 😀

OH but today I finally received the post card he sent me from Los Angeles!!!!! It melted my heart!!! It’s so funny how in some ways XXX and I are so different, and you can totally see it from a postcard. Every postcard I have sent him, I write in small handwriting so I can write a longer message, and I probably write the date somewhere as well because I like to keep track of time. His post card, on the other hand, is everything mine wouldn’t be. It was like, 1 or 2 sentences, did not mention the date, and he didn’t even sign it!!! LOL. But omg it’s the message that counts and he definitely wrote the sweetest message ever, it completely melted my heart!!! ♥

So that’s all from me, for now anywayz!!!! Ciao peoples!


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